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John A. Styer
The Lathe-meister
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North East, Md., 21901
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The Lathe Ledger
January, 2019 Edition

Hello again!

        Welcome to another riveting example of personally-produced turned wood details and information,  I thank you for reading!

        Following is my absolutely rock-solid tentative schedule:

Jan. 19-20 - Delmarva Art Expo, Convention Center, Ocean City, MD, 10-5 & 10-3.
Feb. 22-24 - Hockessin Art Show, 5-8, 10-5 & 10-4
Mar. 2-3 & 8-10 - Maryland Home & Garden Show, Timonium, MD, 10-8
May 2-5 - Springfest, Ocean City, MD, 10-8
Aug. 17-18 - Havre de Grace Art Show  10-8 & 10-5
Sept. 8 - Catonsville Arts & Crafts Festival, 10-5
Sept. 21-22 - Artsfest, Solomons, MD10-5
Oct. 12-12 - Catoctin Colorfest, Thurmont, MD, 9-5
Nov. 2 - Patuxent Wildlife Festival, Laurel, MD, 9-3

        You may recall that I participated in a North America Wildlife Art and Craft Show in Ocean City, MD in January several years ago.  That show ran its course, but the third weekend of January is still open for an event at the Convention Center.  The Delmarva Art Expo has acquired that venue for this coming weekend, and I am a participant.  So you are invited to a mid-winter getaway with me, 10-5 on Sat. and 10-3 on Sun.  This is a juried show, run by fellow artisans, so you can be confident of high quality merchandise.
        The Hockessin (Delaware) Art Show is once again scheduled for the last weekend of February.  This is a fundraiser for the Wilmington & Western Railroad.  A portion of proceeds from every sale goes to support them.  During the show, you will have an opportunity to take a train ride!  The participating artists are from the 'top tier' in the Delaware area.  There will be new work from many, so you are uniquely positioned to be 'first in line'!  It begins Friday evening, from 5-8 PM (which includes some delectable finger food, and the services of an adult beverage dispenser), then continues Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 10-4.
        The first two weekends of March feature the Maryland Home & Garden Show, at the State Fairgrounds in Timonium, MD.  It runs Saturday and Sunday the first weekend, and all three days the second weekend.  We art-oriented artisans are located at the far left of the parking lot, in our own domain, away from the plants and animals.  I think there's a big sign on the building that says something appropriate, like "Crafts Building", or something like that.  The entire show has a limitless array of vendors of all things home and garden, plus needs of the palate (wine as well as solid victuals).  Come with extra time, to browse all venues, and visit with your preferred artisans.
        As you can see from my schedule, there are many open spots.  If history is a factor, these openings will fill in somewhat over time, as show promoters send out applications.  As an example, there are always at least a half dozen shows the end of April, all on the same date, all calling my name.  I may or may not participate in one of them, however the likelihood weighs towards the positive.  I'll let you know.
        Springfest, in Ocean City, MD is May 2-5.  It goes from 10AM to 8PM (6PM on Sunday).  I'll be in Tent #2, Booth #16, down at the inlet, which is at the south end of the boardwalk.  They've got a great variety of art and craft and music and people to watch, if you just want to sit down and watch the people while you listen to the music.
        I will NOT be at Sunfest this year, due to a conflict with the Artsfest dates in Solomons MD, where I WILL be.  Last year's hurricane caused a schedule change for them, and a cancellation for me, which has been rectified by re-scheduling to the same date as Sunfest.  Sometimes, that's just the way things work out.
        Speaking of weather, torrential rain caused the cancellation of last year's Catonsville Festival.  The subsequent assessment has been to change the venue to Catonsville Community College for all future years.
        Many of you have seen (and many have purchased!) my Poison Ivy pens, turned from actual Poison Ivy vines.  To reiterate for the unbelievers, the itchiness of Poison Ivy comes from the sap, which I allow to completely evaporate before I cut into the heartwood, which doesn't contain the sap.  So the finished product is free of unwelcome properties, and bursting forth with beauty.  All that to say that I have established a Poison Ivy Corner, a small but inviting area in my booth with only Poison Ivy art.  (In all honesty, it's only three pieces: 2 small vases with Poison Ivy cat tails, and a small bowl.  But it has the all-important quality of uniqueness, which sets it apart, perhaps for you!

John A Styer, The Lathe-meister














Jan. 19-20 - Delmarva Art Expo, Convention Center, Ocean City, MD, 10-5 & 10-3

Feb. 22-24 - Hockessin Art Show, 5-8, 10-5 & 10-4

Mar. 2-3 & 8-10 - Maryland Home & Garden Show, Timonium, MD, 10-8

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