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John A. Styer
The Lathe-meister
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North East, Md., 21901
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The Lathe Ledger
July, 2017 Edition

Welcome Summer Lovers!

          Welcome anyway, even if you prefer Spring or Autumn!  Here is my current show schedule, complete with show times, several of which are different than they used to be.  You'll get the hang of it.

July 15 - Food & Wine Festival, Town Park in North East, MD, 11-5
Aug. 5 - Mt. Harmon Lotus Blossom Festival, Earleville, MD, 10-4
Aug. 19-20 - Havre de Grace Art Show, Havre de Grace, MD, 10-8(!) and 10-5
Sept. 2 - 110th Arden Fair, Arden, DE, 10-6
Sept. 10 - 44th Annual Catonsville Arts & Crafts Festival, 10-5
Sept. 16-17 - Artsfest, Dowell (Solomon's Island), MD, 10-5
Sept. 21-24 - Sunfest, Ocean City, MD, 10AM-10PM!!!
Sept. 30 - Harford County Wine Festival, Bel Air, MD, 12-6
Oct. 7-8 - Harvest Moon Festival, Greenville, DE, 10-5
Oct. 14-15 - 54th Annual Catoctin Colorfest, Thurmont, MD, 9-5
Nov. 4 - Patuxent Wildlife Festival, Laurel, MD, 9-3
Nov. 11-12 - Jersey Shore Artisans Guild, Ocean City, NJ, 10-5
Nov. 18-19 - Center for the Creative Arts, Yorklyn, DE 10-5 & 10-3!
Nov. 24-25 - Mid Atlantic Center for the Arts, Cape May, NJ, 10-4
Dec. 2 - Hodgson Craft Show, 9-4
Dec. 8-9 - Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, DE, noon-8 & 9-3

          The first show on the schedule features my home town of North East, MD, with the visitation of about a dozen wineries.  Here's an opportunity for you to spend the afternoon in the park, sampling lots of adult offerings, and also enjoying food from several local eateries.  AND you'll get to see my newest creations before they appear at any other show!  AND, they're opening an hour earlier than in previous years!
          Mt. Harmon's Lotus Blossom Festival is the first Saturday of August.  It covers a large area, includes lots of activities, and features a respite building where you can appreciate two-dimension art in air conditioned comfort, AFTER you appreciate my three-dimension work in a natural setting.
          The Havre de Grace Art Show has re-adjusted to a two day show.  Instead of a Friday evening addition, the Saturday portion will run to 8 PM.  As far as I know, they are again offering adult beverages, which may attract genteel evening browsers.  You can be one of them!
          The 110th Arden Fair will be on its usual Labor Day Saturday, from 9AM to 6PM (rain date is Sunday).  I know I've often urged you to come to this show, simply because it is one-of-a-kind.  Thank you for taking me up on that.  Or, I'm sorry you didn't take me up on that - yet.  As an added enticement, and I'm reluctant to even mention this, since it is such a great value, the Gild Hall (yes, that's how they spell it) has a book sale every year.  (Deep, deep discounts on lots and lots of books.)  If you enter that large room after 4 PM, they'll sell you a shopping bag for $5.  You get to fill it and take it home!  And, just so you know, my booth is one of 120 that you can visit throughout the rest of the day.
          Sunday, September 10, is the 44th Annual Catonsville Art Show.  I'll be at booth #93, on the north side of Frederick Ave., which has a constant flow of foot traffic.  And there is room for you!
          The following weekend is Artsfest, down at Solomon's Island.  It has my vote for the most beautiful setting on my itinerary.  It's beautiful even when it rains, which is seldom.  Bring an umbrella, just in case, with the prospect of experiencing one of life's rare walking-in-the-rain memories!
          With barely enough time to take a breath, Ocean City's Sunfest begins the following Thursday.  It is a marathon, in my mind, since it goes from 10 in the morning, and continues until 10 at night.  Every night except Sunday, which closes at 6 PM.  I'm generally scheduled for a nap somewhere in that time period, but maybe I'll just have to sleep strongly, instead.
          September closes with my foray across the Susquehanna River, to the Harford County Wine Festival in Bel Air.  It runs from noon to 6PM, and includes live music all afternoon.  The Rockfield Manor venue is spacious, and hilly, which will afford you a pleasant view from any of a number of locations, while you sip, shop, and rest.
          As you can see, it is a busy time of the year for me.  I'm gearing up for it by turning some unique offerings that you may see showcased at these shows.  Of course, your risk is that all the new work may get 'scooped up' before you see it.  The operative course to take, naturally, is to shop early.  Just sayin'.  If you have some special idea for a specific work of art, now is the time to make that known to me, since I am only going to be even busier the rest of the year.
          The Ambrosia Maple that I've mentioned previously is still in my stockpile, which is gradually diminishing.  Unlike 'big-box' stores, I don't have a never-ending supply of anything.  The good news is that trees continue to offer their branches, and grow new ones, for fine wood turning.  So the future bodes well!
          I recently 'dug out' a sixty-minute hour glass that I've had for years.  (An egg timer is not really an hour glass, it is a 2-3 minute glass!)  The Ambrosia Maple would make this look stunning, in my personal opinion.  It will stand about nine to ten inches high.  The wood must be dead dry, so that it does not produce any stress on the delicate glass through warpage.  So bear with me, while we wait.
          That's enough for now, and I thank you for reading.  I'll 'flesh out' the last quarter of the year later.  Make note of the several minor adjustments in this schedule, and take the time for leisurely browsing at the shows.  See you then!

John A. Styer
The Lathe-meister














Aug. 19-20 - Havre de Grace Art Show, Havre de Grace, MD, 10-8 & 10-5

Sept. 2 - 110th Arden Fair, Arden, DE, 9-6

Sept. 10 - 44th Annual Catonsville Arts & Crafts Festival, 10-5

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