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John A. Styer
The Lathe-meister
P. O. Box 250
North East, Md., 21901
web site:
The Lathe Ledger
May, 2017 Edition

Greetings all!

          When last we visited, I had just been interviewed for the program "First" on Delaware's WHYY.  It has since aired, and you can see it (I'm the last five minutes of the half hour show) by going to this link:  Click on 'Past Episodes' for the February 24 presentation, and you'll find me in all my glory.
          Even better, you can see me in person at one, or all, of the following shows:

May 4-7 - Springfest, Ocean City, MD, at the inlet. 10-8 Thurs., Fri. and Sat., 10-6 on Sun.
July 15 - Food & Wine Festival, Town Park in North East, MD, 12-6
Aug. 5 - Mt. Harmon Lotus Blossom Festival, Earleville, MD
Aug. 19-20 - Havre de Grace Art Show, Havre de Grace, MD
Sept. 2 - Arden Fair, Arden, DE
Sept. 10 - Catonsville Arts & Crafts Festival
Sept. 16-17 - Artsfest, Dowell, MD
Sept. 21-24 - Sunfest, Ocean City, MD
Oct. 7-8 - Harvest Moon Festival, Greenville, DE
Oct. 14-15 - 54th Annual Catoctin Colorfest, Thurmont, MD
Nov. 4 - Patuxent Wildlife Festival
Nov. 11-12 - Jersey Shore Artisans Guild
Nov. 18-19 - Center for the Creative Arts, Yorklyn, DE 10-5 & 10-3!
Nov. 24-25 - Mid Atlantic Center for the Arts, Cape May, NJ
Dec. 2 - Hodgson Craft Show
Dec. 9-10 - Delaware Art Museum

          Shortly (next weekend, May 4-7) I'll be visiting with a couple hundred thousand of my favorite people: potential customers at Ocean City Maryland's Springfest.  But I'll still have time for YOU, so come visit.  I'll be under the Big Top (tent #2) in space #16.  They always have a booth-decorating contest, which apparently means, to many of the artists, applying lots of plastic flowers, etc., to the their booth.  I have exquisite drapery backdrops, which require no such gaudiness, so you will be pleasantly accommodated upon your visit, with a most genteel atmosphere.
          No such backdrops are called for at the Food & Wine Festival in July.  If you sample a bare smattering of the adult beverages which will surround you, the matter of booth decorations, etc. will vaporize.
          It may seem that my show schedule the first part of this year has been somewhat sparse, because that is the absolute truth.  It's not because I have been unbusy, but rather that I have been doing other things.  But that's about to change, come August.  That's when "the show season" kicks off.  For the most part, what is printed above is confirmed.  I'll let you know of any adjustments.
          The Gallery at 122 Main in Elkton, MD has moved some of my work and some of my wife's work to the front window.  We expect passers-by to by totally enthralled.  You, of course, are expected to actually enter the domain for a closer examination.
          I may have told you previously about the local power company's visit to our home.  They advised me that improvements to the lines in front of our house would require clearing a wider swath.  We discussed cutting trees vs. trimming trees.  And you all know how delicate their trimming services are.  So I carefully pointed out the couple of trees to cut down completely, and the specific dimensions to which they were to be cut, so that the pieces would fit into my wood stove.  They paid absolutely no attention to dimensions.  But the largest tree they cut down has the most beautiful Ambrosia patterns throughout the trunk.  Needless to say, this wood isn't going into the wood stove.  I've turned quite a few pieces out of this wood (it's Maple) and you will see much of this work at Springfest.  There's enough of this wood to last for awhile, provided I can turn it while also attending to life in general.  Or maybe I'll skip life in general, and just turn wood!
          Crochet hooks are now in my inventory!  Yes, I've bowed to the incessant pressure.  Well, not real incessant, but a lady here and there, over time, has asked me about crochet hooks, so here they are.  All two of them.  Actually they are two sets of six hooks each, of six sizes, with a turned wood handle in which they are interchangeable.  Plus they come in a travel box.  Plus plus, I've turned an additional handle in each set that has a pocket clip.  They are $60 per set.  I can mail them, if you don't want to run the risk of having a stranger buy your set before you get to see it.  But call me soon.
          Our local Cecil County Arts Council has a different show practically every month.  June is their Member's Open Show, which means what it says, so please join now, so that you can be eligible.  I'm working on a couple of prospective pieces, but the one that is finished is in need of "just the right title".  It is a Cherry Burl about six inches in diameter and six inches tall, with several small holes drilled in it.
In those holes are thin branches from the tippy top of a locust tree, which saw fit to fall into my front yard in a wind storm.  Each of those thin branches is covered with meaningful thorns, up to two inches in length.  I've rejected several titles that have surrounded the Hell and Armageddon scope, and am presently leaning towards "The Peacemaker".  The total height is a couple feet, so it commands a serious presence.  If you have a suggestion for its title, I'm all ears.
          Meanwhile, chart your course for the art and craft show circuit, and stop by for a visit.  (And let me know if a pen with a military tank motif strikes your fancy.)

John A. Styer, The Lathe-meister














Aug. 5 - Mt. Harmon Lotus Blossom Festival, Earleville, MD, 10-4

Aug. 19-20 - Havre de Grace Art Show, Havre de Grace, MD, 10-8 & 10-5

Sept. 2 - 110th Arden Fair, Arden, DE, 10-6

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1 last set of Crochet Hooks!

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Ambrosia Maple lots of other things, too!

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