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June, 2021 Edition

Dear Readers,

      For those who haven’t heard, on November 14 I fell from a ladder.  Not a long fall, and I landed on my butt, the softest part of my body.  However, it resulted in paralysis below my waist.  I am presently working through a long process of recuperation.  I suspect it’ll be some time before I’m out of a wheelchair, but I am optimistic, so I appreciate your prayers.  It is likely that 2021 will be entirely eliminated as far as any shows in which I can participate are concerned.  So I am not making any commitments.  However, TODAY, SATURDAY JUNE 12, 2021, (from 11AM to 1PM) I am opening my home for those who are near North East, MD to come and enjoy a semi-private art & craft show.

      I’ll be having a larger ‘presence’ on Facebook, thanks to my daughter’s acumen.  So if you friend me, John A. Styer, I’ll friend you back and you’ll be able to see lots of the posts that Wendi has posted, showing my work.  Thank you!

John A. Styer, The Lathe-meister, 118 Irishtown Road, North East, MD, 21901















The shows that haven't been cancelled due to pandemic, are cancelled by me pending recovery of my ability to walk and stand. (See the latest news.)






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